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Please see our Catering For Pick Up Order Form here for options from Kapnos, Pepita, and Graffiato.  Delivery and set up are available by request for an additional fee.  Complete the form and email to events@mikeisabella.com a minimum of 72 hours prior to pick up.


These are sample menus, which are customizable and seasonal.
Additional choices are listed separately.


Pikilia  served with stone baked flatbread crisps
Tyrokafteri  feta, smoked manouri, grains of paradise
Taramasalata carp roe, caviar, cauliflower
Melizanosalata smoked eggplant, roasted peppers, walnuts, feta
Kohlrabi crudite green tomato, lemon, sesame


Spanikopita  spinach, leeks, feta
Dolmades  grape leaves, rice, pine nuts, roasted grapes
Grilled Haloumi  black pepper-honey, dill-cucumber salad
Farmhouse Salad  feta, cucumber, tomato, olives, vinaigrette
Spiced Beets  yogurt, green peppercorn
Marinated Lamb  ancient grain salad, tzatziki, harissa
Spit roasted Chicken  charred lemon, roasted potatoes
Suckling Pig  orzo-dill salad, citrus relish


Baklava  almonds, coriander, apricot
Karidopita  spiced walnut cake, pistachio, metal syrup